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Santos Mahogany Eng

Kempas engineered

Rustic Oak
Spotted Gum Laminate
Blackbutt engineered
Jarrah engineered
Canyoun Acacia
Glen Doussie
Iroko kambala
Johann Maple

Sumatran Teak

Vine Maple

American Pecan

For hundreds of years timber has been an excellent choice for flooring. Timber has proven itself not only beautiful, with its various grains, burls fiddlebacks, bird’s eyes, bands and other figures, but durable. A timber floor that’s well cared for can last for hundreds of years. When it comes to care, a timber floor needs minimal care after it’s sealed. All a homeowner needs to do is sweep it and dry mop it now and again and replace the sealant when it’s worn away. Even if the floor has been subject to serious wear and tear, it can be replaned several times over its lifetime.

Bacchus Marsh Flooring is please to offer its customers many types of beautiful timber flooring. Among the types of timber flooring Bacchus Marsh sells is the vivid, orange brown Kempas engineered timber. This is a layer of Kempas wood laid over layers of wood with their grain arranged perpendicularly to each other. This gives the floor planks more strength. Another beautiful example of timber flooring is Jarrah engineered, a rich, reddish brown wood. Blackbutt engineered is a pale, golden brown wood with a satiny sheen to it. Spotted gum laminate is a beautiful wood whose color ranges from cream to light brown, often in the same plank. It also has beautiful figures.

Another benefit of timber flooring is that it feels good to walk on and doesn’t feel cold beneath bare feet as stone or tile would. Compared to stone and tile, most timber flooring is lightweight and it’s not necessary to bolster the subfloor to hold its weight. But there are some things to be careful of when installing a timber floor. Timber floors need to be protected from stains. This can easily be done by installing mats or area rugs. They should also never be walked upon by people wearing shoes with cleats or high heels. The feet of heavy furniture will also need some kind of cushioning beneath them to keep the floors from being dented. A timber floor also shouldn’t be installed in rooms with high humidity, like the basement, kitchen or bathroom, though some kitchens can have wooden floors if the floors are protected. Timber floors should also not be installed in rooms that get direct sunlight, because strong sunlight might cause them to fade.

Bacchus Marsh has been serving its customers in the Moorabool area and beyond for over a decade. All told, they have been in the flooring profession for over 30 years. Their installers are licensed, utterly professional, courteous and tidy. They’re also fully trade qualified to install any type of timber flooring whether engineered, laminate or solid.

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